Angel Olsen at SXSW, for Pitchfork. 

(i really don’t want to read for uni right now, so here are two things from today)

(a pizza box was enough to make me homesick today because they’re the exact same ones back home with the ridiculous ’90s clip art collage-y pizza boy illustration)

tonight was so. so. SO. GOOD and included me & M (amongst others) soul trainin’ to la luz at huset. literally danced ‘til my ankles were super sore. similarly super exhausted now, but staying in cph overnight to head over to band practice tomorrow noonish. girl power all the way 👌 😎


Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth photographed by David Graham for Details magazine, July 1992.


ROOM 3201
A short series of personal photographs taken over the course of 24 hours in a studio apartment in the Edifício Copan, São Paulo, Brazil. September 2014.

Full series here:

(Photos: Brian Ferry)